12 Mosquito Patches

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$2  Postage on All Mosquito Patches (Aust only)

Plus Receive Free 8 Glow in the dark or  12 smiley faces Mosquito Patches With Purchase of Any Mosquito Patches

Jill, Toowoomba Qld

I had purchased some mosquito patches before our family visited the Cook Islands on a holiday. The other tourist were bitten alive but not my family, the patches worked as promised.

Kim, Wyndham Vale Vic

I was a bit unsure about the patch keeping mozzies away at first. After wearing them they kept the the mozzies and flies away. I wish the nicotine patches worked as well as the mozzie patch.
kind regards

Dawn, Tamworth NSW

Have Mozzie Free day and night with the help of the Patches and Bracelets

Don’t be caught carrying around sprays cans and bottles of lotions, which you have to apply every 2hrs. With the patch you can place it in you purse or pocket

Though they may work to a certain extent, these methods of repelling mosquitoes may not be as safe or long-lasting. Insecticides are merely contact based solution, i.e. they only kill mosquitoes on the treated surface. So unless you are prepared to use insecticides generously all over your house, Insecticides can cause eye and skin irritation, headache, nausea, dizziness, chest tightness, blurred vision and many more! it is not possible for you to repel mosquitoes effectively in your home.Lotion and sprays have to be applied every 2 hours which is costly and you tend to forget to apply

Put one on your hat,shirt,blouse to help keep the flies away from your face

Are You Looking For A Patch that works against Mosquitoes?

Ideal for children and adults of all ages

  • No Skin Contact
  • One patch last up to 72 hours
  • Easy to carry wherever you go
  • 100% Natural, Safe & Toxic Free
  • Contains high purity and high quality citronella oil to repel mosquito effectively.
  • No batteries, no electricity required.


  • 12 Patches per packet