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Product Description

Keep Mice at Bay by Using Mouse Traps

Are you observing tell-tale signs of mouse (chewing, droppings, etc) in your home everywhere? If yes, then it is a clear indication that pesky small animal is enjoying its stay in your house.

An undeniable fact is getting rid from mouse or rat is prudent as they are capable of causing great mess to household products. Indubitably, it is a challenging task, but not impossible especially when the mouse trap products are available at The Trap Marketing.

Acting as a leading Australia based service provider of mouse and rat traps and natural mosquito repellents, our quality mouse traps, assist users in disposing them from their houses in the most natural manner.

We deal in superior range of mouse and rat traps that make it easy for users to free their houses or kitchens from these nasty rodents.

Offering differnet ranges and sizes of mouse traps in Australia like snap trap, glue trap, etc., we believe in offering animal-friendly solutions.

Thus, the most traps offered by us do not kill mouses rather they catch them without casuing any harm. Due to this fact, they are safe to use even if your house is filled with toddlers or pets.

Advantages of Using The Trap Marketing Mouse Traps :

  • Captures and releases mouse unharmed.
  • Easy to set-up and clean.
  • Designed to be re-used.
  • Available in different sizes and in different materials.
  • Available at affordable price range.
  • We offer mouse trap in two handy sizes.

MEDIUM SIZE : $25.99 (23cmx15cmx11cm). It is now available at $20.99, so users can save $5.00. The trap is made from galvanized steel and heavy duty spring loaded doors are fitted in it.

SMALL SIZE : $20.99 (20cmx10cmx10cm), It is available at $15.99, which allows users to save $5.00. The mall size mouse trap is also made from galvanized steel and fitted with spring loaded door.

In order to catch, multiple mouse trap at a time, large size of mouse trap (38cm long x 24cm wide x 16cm) is also available with us.

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The Ultimate in Mosquito Protection New to Australia Mosball Mosquito Repellant Band

  • The mosball is the newest type of mosquito band on the Australian market
  • The mosball mosquito band is long lasting, waterproof silcon with 100% natural aroma oils,
    Citronella and Chrysanthemum oil extracts Non-Toxic and Deet free with a pleasant oudor.
  • The band is made of silicon and the coloured membrane capsule releases which last up to 2-3 months much longer than the fabric bands that are not waterproof or sweat proof lasting around (7 days)
  • The band is luminous giving of a glow at night, and it is waterproof and can be used at the beach, swimmig pool, or any sport you play.
  • Just put the band on your wrist, ankle or on your belt , bag strap or baby stroller, put one next to the baby cot or your bed for a mosquito free night.
  • 2 mosquito bands for $12.00 Saving of $6