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Did You Know?

  • Flies are counted among the most populated insects in the world because over 87000 fly species exist in the world.
  • Flies are rated as one of the fastest flying insects.
  • Flies have two eyes with lenses of more than 4000 per eye.
  • They are attracted more by movement rather than colour.
  • Simply by landing on any food, flies can infect it. They vomit on food before feasting on it.
  • A single garbage bin which remains uncleared can become a breeding ground for approximately 30,000 flies.
  • In a single breeding season, flies are capable of producing thousands of offspring. Breeding of one season lasts for 25 generations.
  • Garbage can rims as well as electric wire are flies’ favourite resting places. It is because they prefer resting on such places which remain protected from wind.
  • They carry many germs and bacteria on their sticky foot pads. They carry over 33 million disease causing micro-organisms on their inner as well as outer body.
  • One successful hatch results in giving birth to over two million flies.
  • 38 different species of flies are found in Australia

It is important to take note that flies do not bite. However, it is wise to control their population as they easily contaminate food which can result in life-threatening diseases.

So, for keeping these pesky insects out of your hous, use disposable and reusable fly traps available at The Trap Marketing, an Australian based company.

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